Catherine shirred halter

I had the pleasure of testing another pattern for the fabulous Lynn Owens of Bebelambs. This time, it’s for a shirred halter that comes in four lengths: top, tunic, dress, or maxi with an accompanying doll pattern! Yipee! We tested the top version and also made a shirred dress for Lucia’s American Girl Doll, Kit.Kit & Lu I cut into the rest of my Crafty Chloe fabric I had stashed for a special occasion (such as this) and had just enough to sew up both top and dress. So cute! If you are sewing the 4T top version, all you need is 1 yard of fabric, thread, elastic thread, and 1″ elastic. Go ahead and make one for the doll while you’re at it!IMG_5036 If you have never shirred before, never fear! Lynn gives fantastic instructions in her tutorials and there are also great tutorials out there on how to shirr on your specific sewing machine. Give it a try! I haven’t been shirring long and find myself drawn to patterns that require shirring. Lynn has several other patterns in her shop that require shirring as well.IMG_5057 Would you believe that my girl was recovering from strep in these photos? Such a trooper! And she loves the camera. She is always asking me if she can do another photo shoot every time I make her something new. Get the pattern here, while it’s hot, and only $3.50 for a limited time! And as always, happy sewing!


  1. Lynn Owens says:

    She is so precious! Thanks for doing such a great job!

  2. misha says:

    Aw! Thanks Lynn :)

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