Sunday Girl Design’s Lily Rose

IMG_5150I had the pleasure of testing the newest pattern released by Sunday Girl Designs, the Lily Rose hi-low tank dress. Words and pictures will not do this pattern justice. Breathtaking. Classic. Elegant. Just a few words to rightly describe the finished product. And then you stand back and say, “Did I really make this?”IMG_5191My favorite feature of this dress is probably the bodice back. The boldness of the vibrant blue buttons against the dainty yellow and gray fabric. The sweet “peekaboo” fold down of the edges of the bodice. The big, crisp bow tying back the dress. Did you notice that the fabric of the skirt in the back is different from the front? IMG_5198 The detailing of the bodice on the front is just as special; it, too, has some “peekaboo” features. The detailing of the bodice is optional, it can be left out and make more simply. But why would you want to? And we love the double spaghetti straps. Georgianna Tucker has a great tutorial in the pattern on how to turn those bad boys right side out using only magic…IMG_5197The twirl factor of this dress is perfect, with evenly placed pockets at the right level for tiny hands (instructions on placement in pattern) and optional hi-low hem. Again, why would you want to make it optional? Can you tell? She is so happy…IMG_5194She has worn this dress three days in a row now. I can safely say it is one of her favorites. A must have staple in your daughter’s summer wardrobe. Check out Sunday Girl Designs on etsy and browse her shop. Lots of patterns to sew from.


  1. Georgianna says:

    Thank you!

  2. misha says:

    My pleasure… thank you for allowing me test for you :)

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