Who Needs a Hatchimal when you have Stuffies

IMG_4456The Hatchimal craze is almost as bad as when Frozen first released and every little girl HAD to have Elsa and Anna. And dress like her. And sing all of the songs. And… I am off on a tangent. My apologies.. I just don’t understand the desire to want an egg that takes thirty minutes to hatch and then there is a 99% chance it will not be the specific Hatchimal your child’s little heart has been longing and praying for. I am so glad my kids have no idea what these creatures are. They are not exposed to regular television viewing, and by default are not exposed to commercials. They also have no idea who Beyonce or Rhianna are either, but that is a whole different post.

IMG_4396So… Stuffies!! My daughter does not like dolls. At all. I have been desperate to see her interact with her “babies” and want to dress them and take them around everywhere, but now that she is at the all grown up age of “6″ I realize that it’s never going to happen. She has three American Girl dolls that have been handed down to her and the only thing she wants to do with them is stuff them head down in a basket at the top of her shelf. She says that the eyes are too creepy. Never mind that I help convert VFT’s girls patterns to doll patterns. Oy. When Violette Field Threads came up with the idea of these Stuffies, I was very nervous. I wanted her to want the Stuffie. To play with her. To dress her. I want to see that sweet, nurturing side of my daughter. So I hesitantly agreed to test the first one, Fiona Fox. Fiona comes with a triangle bib, patchwork skirt, and knit headband. I had enough time to also sew up a tulle skirted dress to coordinate with my daughter’s Christmas dress and I shrunk down the girl’s Molly jacket and made some adorable little felt ballet shoes, that happen to fit all of the stuffies, except the owl (the owl has webbed feet).

IMG_4553I should have been a lot more worried about her wanting ALL of them. Because that is exactly what happened. After she saw Fiona, and took her everywhere with her, she started asking for more. So, then I made Dainty Deer. “More, Mommy!” Then I made Olive Owl, and Blushing Bunny. Ok, good. That’s all of them. Wait, what?! They are releasing another one? A cat?! I knew I was in trouble. In addition to the dozens of dresses, shoes, skirts and headbands, she now has a cat. But this time, I shrunk the pattern down to 50% and made a 9″ Stuffie, half of the typical size. So, basically, I made a doll for her doll. (You know, the one that is face down in the basket because it gives her the creeps??).

In addition to being a dressmaker, I have also started getting into photography. My daughter is so easy to work with. This little open field is just next to our neighborhood playground. Always my “go to” for a quick photo shoot. The dress my daughter is wearing is one of my own design. The bodice is the Clara, straightened, with Pearl flutter sleeves, and the skirts are free handed. Underskirt, 6 yards of tulle, sequined tulle overskirt, and over 100″ of self made bias binding. I love love love the bias binding at the skirt hem. I didn’t immediately love it; I hung it from the chandelier in her room and would walk in every 20 minutes to see how I felt about it. After a couple days, I decided to keep it. And I am so glad that I did. The tulle for Fiona Fox’s dress is leftover from my ladies Estelle formal tulle skirt, and the bodice from her bodice scraps. A couple buttons, rosette trimming, and a pair of ballet shoes really make the outfit sweeter. My daughter is wearing her brand new cranberry Joyfolie’s and wool winter coat to match. Her brown knee highs are foxes, but the dress skirts obscure the face. So, there you have it. An obsession with Stuffies. You can purchase the Stuffie patterns here.

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