Harness for Piper

I have been sewing a lot for the kids lately and I wanted to make something special for our 11 week old Boston Terrier puppy, Piper. I perused the web and stumbled upon this really cute one from Dog Under My Desk. IMG_4579I used the pattern for the 13.5″ around chest harness, printed it out, and cut it down slightly. Since Piper’s chest measurement was around 11″, I cut 1″ off of each end (four total) and trimmed a little here and there until it wasn’t too bulky on my pup. IMG_4580After I was satisfied with the size and fit, I traced the harness pattern onto my main fabric, flannel for the inside (part that touches the dog’s fur), and the interfacing. I only had lightweight interfacing on hand, and it turned out well, but if you want something a little more sturdy, I would use a stiffer interfacing. I cut all three out. Then I ironed the interfacing onto the wrong side of the main fabric. Now we need to add some support to attach the D ring. IMG_4581In the posting by Dog Under My Desk, she had the D ring attach further down the dog’s body, toward the behind, but I placed mine much closer to the dog’s head. I had a 1″ D ring so I cut a piece of fabric 2.5″ wide by the length of the dog’s harness. I folded one side in, then the other, until it was just under a 1″ width to fit inside the D ring. Then I took a piece of interfacing under 1/2″ in width and the length of the dog’s harness and placed it onto the back of the strip of fabric.IMG_4582 Then I grabbed the main fabric pattern, folded it in half width wise, and made a crease for the center mark. Then I placed the strip of fabric on the crease and adjusted the D ring to where I wanted it and ironed it in place. After that, I sewed up each side and on either side of the D ring to hold it in place. Now I have 2 pattern pieces, the flannel and the main fabric. Placing them right sides together, I sewed around it using a 3/8″ seam allowance and left 2″ to turn it right side out. After clipping little notches around the curves, I turned it right sides out and topstitched. Now to add the velcro, I placed the sewn harness on my pup to get the right placement.

And there you go! As she grows, I will move the velcro until she can’t wear it anymore. And then I will make another one! The whole project from printing out the pattern to placing the velcro took under an hour. Custom made without the high price tag. As always, happy sewing!

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  1. Linda Bolt says:

    What great instructions! Very detailed and easy to understand… I think all 3 of the beagles need one! Ask Michael..

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